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Cafe Central

founded in 2005


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Café Central

Café Central is one of the premier cafes in Yerevan. It is popular amongst not only the locals, but also tourists. The well decorated and spacious dining room, fine music, and friendly service create a comfortable atmosphere for a family dinner, business lunch, or celebration.

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About Us

Café Central is known around town for its selection of fine coffee and tea, pastries, ice-cream, wide choice of cocktails, and assortment of European food.


Café Central is renowned for its delicious pastries, which are made right here in our pastry shop. We have individually and carefully created distinctive recipes for our cakes and pastries.

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Ice cream of own preparation.

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Our Menu

The menu at Café Central has been created with the assistance of expert European chefs. Appetizers, soups, salads and main courses are made from the freshest meats, fish, and vegetables.  All of our ingredients are selected to please our guests regardless of their taste and likes.

Coffee Shop


The coffee roasting process is essential to creating the perfect cup of coffee. Our skilled specialists are using the newest technology in the roasting process to bring out the ideal flavor, acidity, aftertaste, and body of the coffee. We serve not only classic coffees, such as eastern, espresso, and cappuccino, but we also offer a wide selection of coffee cocktails. You can now purchase coffee for your home or as a gift at our exclusive shop, located at the front of our café, while observing the unique roasting process.

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Fine coffee blend